Case Study: 450 Winks Lane


Eric served as Vice President of Asset Management while managing this 450,000-SF industrial property for Ivy Realty. At acquisition, Eric was presented with 75,000 SF of vacancy to fill, one major tenant of the building had a lease expiring, and the site needed improvements. Eric again rose to the challenge and lead the team responsible for turning this property into a marketable asset to sell. In under only two years, Eric was able to secure new long-term leases with two of the building’s majority tenants (200,000-SF & 160,000), which included expansion of one tenant into the balance of the 75,000 SF vacancy.

Under Eric’s direction, he lead the management team responsible for the day to day operations of the property which drove down the annual operating expenses  and increased cash flow for ownership. This property became more marketable for sale as a result of Eric’s management and oversight.

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